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    Zonefly Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd.

China Dental Burs OEM manufacturer - Zonefly Dental Industrial manufacture and export the Diamond Dental Burs, Tungsten Carbide Burs to worldwide include Dental Burs,Diamond Dental Burs, Tungsten Carbide Dental Burs, Carbide Lab Cutters, Diamonds Diamond Discs, Diamond Strips, Instruments Accessories Podiatry Burs, Specialty Burs, Gold Carbides dental burs, dental instruments, FG Burs, FG dental burs, RA dental burs, FGSL dental burs, HP carbide dental burs.

We also export the mounted pionts, polishing stones, FG, RA, HP Polishers for dental dentist, Clinic and dental Laboratory.

If you want get more informaiton of our diamond dental burs and carbide dental burs you can download our catalog. Our catalog include the Diamond Dental burs, Tungsten Carbide Burs of Long Straight Shank (HP), Latch-type Shank (RA) and Friction Grip Shank (FG).

  • Diamond Dental Burs for Dentistry
  • Carbide Dental Burs for Dentistry
  • Daimond Dental Burs & Disc for Lab
  • Carbide Dental Burs for Lab
  • RA Diamond Dental Burs
  • HP Carbide Lab Burs Cutter
  • HP Diamond Burs for Lab
  • Diamond Discs Catalog
  • Burs ISO & European Code Reference
  • How to Choose Dental Burs
  • Diamond Dental Burs Simple Catalog
  • Carbide Dental Burs Simple Catalog
  • Diamond Burs ISO Retrieval
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